Red Guards – Los Angeles (RGLA) Mission:

RGLA is a pre-party Maoist cadre formation which seeks to politically organize and mobilize the communities in Los Angeles, particularly in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles, into rivaling capitalist-imperialist power structures by forming our own parallel dual power systems. We seek to create and promote self-determination to oppressed communities through all practical means. We will join, promote and create, where appropriate, mass organizations to effectively carry out building class consciousness and revolutionary organizing. This is done through the building of a Maoist Communist Party.

RGLA Vision:

We seek the creation of a Maoist Communist Party to carry out proletarian revolution in the U.S., national liberation for oppressed nations and to establish communism. Our guiding ideology is Maoism, which we utilize to pay heightened attention to the dynamic oppression faced by oppressed nations and immigrants/migrants within the U.S. We understand the U.S. as being a settler-colonialist capitalist-imperialist empire that acts like a prison house of several oppressed nations that are robbed of their wealth for this country. We seek to welcome oppressed nationalities and immigrants/migrants into our ranks, as well as nation and class traitors (i.e. Euro-Americans and others).


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