Red Guards – Los Angeles (RGLA) Mission:

Red Guards – Los Angeles, as a cadre organization, seeks to politically educate and revolutionize the communities in Los Angeles, especially in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles, into rivaling capitalist-imperialist power structures by forming our own parallel dual power systems. We seek to create and promote self-determination to oppressed communities through all practical means. We will join, promote and create, where appropriate, mass organizations to effectively carry out building class consciousness and revolutionary organizing.

RGLA Vision:

We seek the creation of a communist society in the U.S. and the world through a genuine proletarian revolution under the ideology of Maoism, with heightened attention to the dynamic oppression faced by oppressed nations and immigrants/migrants within the U.S. We understand the U.S. as being a settler-colonialist capitalist-imperialist empire that houses several oppressed nations and oppressed immigrants/migrants that contribute to the wealth of this country. Our ultimate aim is communism, and we seek to welcome oppressed nationalities and immigrants/migrants into our ranks, as well as nation and class traitors (i.e. Euro-Americans and others).


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