Sent to us by a supporter

Red Guards – Los Angeles (RGLA) sends its deepest solidarity to our comrades in Austin and in particular comrade Dallas who is, as we type this and as you read this, sits in a jail cell fighting for his freedom and to return as a die-hard supporter of the revolutionary communist movement.

We unite with the international outpouring of support for our comrade, from Turkey to Paris, from Norway to Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Houston, and now here in the eastside of Los Angeles. Boyle Heights lifts up the bold and daring communist character of comrade Dallas! Selflessness, revolutionary, always ready to give his life to the masses and the revolution!

We, too, are affected and moved to action and solidarity with our comrades resisting state repression in Austin. RGLA will not rest, will not spend a single hour or day without contemplating seriously on the release and well-being of Dallas and the growth of the revolutionary movement. The two are permanently connected.

The comrades in Austin were instrumental in the political development of our organization, and in particular Dallas and his comrade-fiancée – both facing serious jail time on suspicious charges most likely in cooperation with liars.

So many memories were shared with comrade Dallas and his comrade-fiancée. From sitting around a living room, drinking too much coffee, smoking too many cigarettes, line struggling over key questions of the movement, theorizing ways in which to stop their dog from shitting on the comrade’s carpet – analyzing whether or not it was a passive-aggressive treacherous act. Our revolutionary love and bond was cemented with dark and psychological-taxing situations that we inevitably persevered. Communism may not be love, but it is an invincible and immortal power that, like electricity, surges through the veins and molecules of its loyal soldiers and the masses.

Los Angeles swells with pride at the memory of our proletarian soldiers, comrade Dallas and his comrade-fiancée! We are sadden but as calculating as scientists with this sadness, turning it into revolutionary resolve and invincible motivation.

Long live comrade Dallas!


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