The intentions of a majority of the immigrant rights activists are noble and good. They themselves are often also undocumented – coming from families with undocumented immigrants. They, too, are tired of the raids and gestapo-like abductions by federal ICE agents of their loved ones. These activists are our friends.

But this has been going on for years, for decades.

Most recently under the Trump regime, the Know Your Rights legal clinics have increased in their frequency and even in their militancy, albeit measured. For this, many are grateful. They have walked up to the front door of the sheriffs headquarters without flinching – but the doors were locked, the buildings left untouched. Their actions are bold: blocking intersections, nonviolent die-ins and sit-ins in politicians offices, civil disobedience followed by the planned arrests, symbolic protests in front of government buildings.

But we must analyze our concrete conditions. Does the strategy and tactics of the immigrant rights movement match the concrete conditions under which proletarian immigrants live? Are they not brutally attacked? Or can it be said we are in a time of peace? Or is this not the time of war? It is either one or the other – like most military strategists argue. War and peace fight to dominate the other, like all aspects of all contradictions.

In wartime, symbols alone or civil disobedience in the battlefield is a direct invitation for suicide and defeat.

Symbols won’t stop the raids. Symbols won’t stop the deportations. Symbols will not stop the war against proletarian immigrants. Symbols have historically only been the decoration of a social movement or revolution. It is aesthetic.

What stops the armed enemy of the people? What has stopped the armed enemy of the people?

We are students of history. We are communists, Maoists, so we adhere to the ever-guiding principal of revolutionary violence and its rightful place in the hands of the proletariat, the masses and the becoming vanguard. As we have said before, now is the time of war. In war, both sides – the people and the enemy – require soldiers and battalions, among other things. What, then, are we to do but build up people’s immigrant defense units?

We are like the children of Presidente Gonzalo, the inheritors of universal and invincible Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. We are the inheritors of the initiators.

Build the people’s immigrant defense units!

Fight ICE with fire!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!



preidente gonzalo

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